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Welche Feste im Jahreslauf gefeiert werden:

Hier zum Vergleich drei Beispiele, wie in Polen Weihnachten gefeiert wird



Beispiel 1

Christmas is a Christian Festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. The word Christmas comes from Christ’s Mass.

In Poland it starts from Christmas Eve – very important day which is called the Festival of the Star. People go without food all day, preparing for the feast that  begins as soon as the first star appears. An empty plate is always placed on the table, for an unexpected guest. The meals consists of twelve dishes, including fish, mushrooms, cabbage, but no meat. After the meal the candles on the Christmas tree are lit, carols are sung and presents are opened. A lot of people go to Midnight Mass.

On Christmas morning plenty of people go to church to celebrate the birth of Christ. In the middle of the day Christmas dinner is served.

The most well – recognized Christmas symbol is the Christmas tree. All the people have them in their homes. They are decorated with lights, stars, glass ornaments, paper chains etcetera are various Christmas presents under them. This tradition began with the Three Wise Men who came from the desert with gifts for the new – born Child.

During the Christmas season greetings are expressed and cards are sent to family and friends with whom it is impossible to meet.

Some of the people are complaining that this beautiful holiday is becoming commercialized. Shopping malls and department stores try to attract customers with all kinds of sales. They are helped by the best advertising agent ever created, Santa Claus, about whom the late Polish writer Melchior Wańkowicz once wrote:

“He does not smile at children but the wallets of their parents”.

Although the American – style Santa has largely replaced Poland’s traditional “Święty Mikołaj”, the Poles have held to their “Wigila” tradition with its symbolism , Christmas wafer (“opłatek”) and meatless foods. Perhaps it’s a good thing that this tradition is limited to this corner of Central Europe.




Beispiel 2

Christmas time-it’s the most beautiful time and my favourite festival.

 It’s connected with the birth of Jesus Christ. We celebrate Christmas once a year-but every time it’s magnificent and exciting. Preparations add the charm to waiting for Christmas.

My family starts preparing for Christmas in the middle of December. Large housework, shopping-these are inseparable parts of preparing. I don’t like housework but I love shopping. I look for the Christmas gifts for every member of my family. These are small things, which make happy recipient person. Sometimes I meet on the street the fat Santa Claus with white bread, wearing a red anorak. He cries: “Marry Christmas!” and give me a chocolate sweet. Atmosphere is unusual when it’s snowing- then I want to join to children making snowman and sledging.

In Polish schools there are Christmas plays called “Nativity Play”. We can watch some scenes from Jesus birth, we sing Christmas carols and wish each other “Merry Christmas”. There are little sheds and beautiful decorated Christmas trees in churches.

In Poland we start celebrating Christmas on 24-th December and this day is called “Christmas Eve”. I get up early and look out of the window. I look for the snow. Later I decorate the Christmas tree with electric candles, colourful balls, stars, sweets, and bells small angels. There’s a big, gold star on the top. I listen and sing Christmas carols – in introduced in special atmosphere the Christmas tree. While my mother makes delicious dishes. I make vegetable salads. We don’t spend Christmas Eve in our house. We spend it with our big family in grandmother’s house. We go there about o’clock. There’s a big Christmas tree from the forest, under branches there are a lot of presents in colour papers. I am happy like a child waiting for something special. There are twelve dishes on the table. There’s mushrooms soup, pies, compote made of dry plums, some kinds of corps, salads, cakes etc. There’s one free table–ware for unknown guest. I always pay Christmas carols on my crosswise flute. My family sing. We break wafer and say wishes to each other. Then comes the most exciting moment – giving presents. I’m happy like a child. Sometimes comes cradlers wearing clothes of angels and sings Christmas carols. Time is going on in specifically, warm family atmosphere. I love Christmas. It’s an occasion to meet with family, get presents...

It’s the time of musing, too. I know that there are  people, who don’t fell happiness this day...





Beispiel 3

We  have quite a lot of  festivals here in Poland but the most  popular one is Christmas and it is my favourite festival, too. Christmas  is  on  25th December and it is the time when the Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus  Christ.

My family starts preparing for Christmas in the middle of December. We send Christmas

cards to our family and friends. We also look for Christmas gifts. Each member of our

family gets a gift from the others so the pile of packets under the Christmas tree is really huge. A few days before Christmas my father buys a tall Christmas tree and stores it on our balcony. It waits there until all the celebrations start.

In Poland we start celebrating Christmas on 24th December and this day is called the Christmas Eve. Then there is Christmas Day and finally we have the Second  Day of Christmas on 26th December.

What is the Christmas Eve like in our country?  On Christmas Eve morning the youngest person in the  family has to decorate the Christmas tree. I decorate  it with special electric candles, colourful balls  and chains  made of silver and gold paper. I also put some  candies  and red apples on the tree. At the top of the tree there is a big star with a little bulb inside. While I decorate the tree my sisters helps my mother in the kitchen. They prepare traditional Polish dishes for the Christmas Eve Supper. We eat some of these dishes only once a year – just on this special evening.

The tradition says that there must be twelve dishes on the Christmas  Eve table. We usually have even more. We eat borsch –a soup made of beetroots –and carp. Carp can be  fried, roast or boiled. It can also be served cold in a special jelly. We also eat  gołąbki (this dish does  not have an English name); they are made from cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and mushrooms and served with a delicious mushroom sauce. We have other things like: salad, peas and cabbage, noodles with poppy, cakes, etc. On  this special day we mustn’t eat meat. After supper we sing Christmas carols and afterwards we unwrap our gifts. There is a lot of noise and laughter at this time and this is my favourite moment.   

On  Christmas  morning we all go to church. Then we go far a very  long  walk. Afterwards we visit  my family and we eat Christmas dinner. In the afternoon  our  

parents  talk with the rest of the family. We have a lot fun . In the evening we come back home and watch television. On this day kids are allowed to watch TV till late night. On the second day of Christmas we visit  some family friends or they visit us. We eat, talk and  play some kind of games. Then we watch television again.

I like Christmas very much because it is a very joyful festival. Everybody is happy and relaxed. There is a lot of delicious food and  what is more important I get many wonderful presents.